The Accessibility Tree: A Training Guide for Advanced Web Development

Brilliant resource. At the top level, the first concept to understand is the platform Accessibility API, which is an integral part of each Operating System. This is MSAA/UIA/IAccessible2 on Windows, AT-SPI/IAccessible2 on Linux, the OS X Accessibility Protocol on Mac and iOS, and so on.It may not be obvious, but these top level accessibility APIsContinue reading “The Accessibility Tree: A Training Guide for Advanced Web Development”

Pressure Sensitive Multitouch pads to come

An article in Technology Review reveals development of pressure sensitive touch pads that could be used on future generation devices. Why is this Lifekludger newsworthy? Because the pads are reported to combine features of both kinds of existing touch pads. To me, this might mean some breaking down of the Touch Barrier and the seemingContinue reading “Pressure Sensitive Multitouch pads to come”