Bicycle Design for People with Disabilities | Future Technology

Great to see some good asthetic thought as well as pure functionality put into accessible design in this bicycle. From the Tuvie site: Bicycle designer Gavin Smith has come up with a new bicycle design that will help people with disabilities to ride the bicycle independently. Sometimes disabilities like cerebral palsy can affect the basicContinue reading “Bicycle Design for People with Disabilities | Future Technology”

Modeling Second Life virtual objects in the Physical – Paper Prototyping

I recently came across this site called Export To World which offers a method of taking virtual objects created in Second Life and creating a physical paper model of it in First Life. In effect making physical objects from virtual ones. Novel concept you say, but so what? Well, think of the situation where aContinue reading “Modeling Second Life virtual objects in the Physical – Paper Prototyping”

AlarMe – Alert watch with style

AlarMe is a very unique watch that has the ability to alert those who cannot hear an audible alarm by vibration. Multidirectional microphones that can register a drastic change in ambient sound level, or pick up specially asigned frequencies alert the user. The LED lights and face alert the user as to what the alarmContinue reading “AlarMe – Alert watch with style”