Styling Forms Accessibly | UX Booth

I was waiting at a bus stop when I realized that the person next to me was using sign language over FaceTime on her phone. I had never thought about how video calling benefitted communication for hearing-impaired people. There is so much that accessibility enables. As a UX developer, I try to incorporate accessibility needsContinue reading “Styling Forms Accessibly | UX Booth”

Writing content for responsive design | 4 Syllables

If you’re writing for the web, you’re writing for responsive design. Or you soon will be. In this article, we offer some tips to get your content working well on a range of screen sizes and orientations. … 3 tips to make content work for responsive designs. 1 Write in plain English. 2 Pay attention to contentContinue reading “Writing content for responsive design | 4 Syllables”

Accessibility and Apple Watch apps | Macworld

From an accessibility standpoint, the Apple Watch’s screen is just too small for me to get a lot from apps. As someone with low vision, I try to minimize my interaction with the watch; I don’t want to spend much time looking at the screen for fear of increased eye strain and fatigue. … TheContinue reading “Accessibility and Apple Watch apps | Macworld”

Apple Watch: Invisible feature helps woman who is deaf and registered blind to navigate – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent

A woman who is deaf and registered blind has described the way that the Apple Watch has been able to help her navigate and communicate with friends. Molly Watt, an activist and blogger, lives with Usher Syndrome and is deaf and registered blind. Apple products are “more than just up market gadgets” … One ofContinue reading “Apple Watch: Invisible feature helps woman who is deaf and registered blind to navigate – News – Gadgets and Tech – The Independent”

Web Accessibility for Designers | August

Web accessibility makes it easier for people to use the web. It creates a better user experience for a wider audience. It’s not just targeted towards people with disabilities. … “Web accessibility means that people can use the web. Not ‘people with disabilities’. Not ‘blind people and deaf people’. Not ‘people who have cognitive disabilities’ or ‘men who are colourContinue reading “Web Accessibility for Designers | August”

People With Disabilities Still an Afterthought in Tech Design

Progress over the past 25 years has made computing more accessible to people with disabilities. But from design to finish, accessibility is still an afterthought in the race to technological innovation. — Despite breakthroughs in robotics, speech recognition, eye-motion sensors, virtual reality and many other areas, the general design approach to new products still excludes peopleContinue reading “People With Disabilities Still an Afterthought in Tech Design”

Open source, 3D Printed, thought controlled prosthetic hand

3D Printed, thought controlled prosthetic hand for less than $1000. – Opensourced   via Meet Easton LaChappelle, The Teen Building A Cheaper, Better Prosthetic Arm.

Tactile Watch – ‘Touch Time’

  On Kickstarter is a beautifully designed time-piece called ‘The Bradley’  – made for wearers –  including the blind and visually impaired — to tell time through touch rather than sight. Instead of traditional non-visual designs allowing one to ‘feel’ the watch hands,or rely on audible read time, “The Bradley” uses two ball bearings: oneContinue reading “Tactile Watch – ‘Touch Time’”

Wheelchair-accessible version of the NYC Taxi

A universal, accessible taxi fleet is something to aspire to, and IMHO Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push to standardize the NY city’s taxi fleet with a single, universal vehicle is to be applauded. This Nissan vehicle looks the ticket. Though I ‘m not sure how most electric wheelchairs would fit in lengthwise. I look forward to seeingContinue reading “Wheelchair-accessible version of the NYC Taxi”

Keyboard Access for Google Maps

Web Axe points to an article where Patrick H. Lauke provides a solution to making Google Maps keyboard accessible by retrofitting keyboard access into google maps. (Obviously JavaScript is still required.) Also, Google Maps provides a text-only option, which is nice for those using assistive devices, mobile devices, low or costly bandwidth, etc. I’ve beenContinue reading “Keyboard Access for Google Maps”