7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility — Salesforce UX — Medium

Accessibility enables people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the web. Imagine a world where developers know everything there is to know about accessibility. You design it and they build it… perfectly. In this world, only the design itself can cause people with disabilities to have trouble using a product.Continue reading “7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility — Salesforce UX — Medium”

4 tips on typography in UI design – InVision Blog

by Chris Bowleron April 6, 2015 Communication plays a vital role in design. Whether you design websites, mobile apps, or wearable UIs, your creations have to clearly communicate their intent and purpose. And since text does a lot of the heavy lifting in communicating purpose, you need a solid understanding of typography. Of course, designingContinue reading “4 tips on typography in UI design – InVision Blog”

Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently – Smashing Magazine

But consider this: By 2030, around 19% of people in the US will be over 65. Doesn’t sound like a lot? Well it happens to be about the same number of people in the US who own an iPhone today. Which of these two groups do you think Silicon Valley spends more time thinking about?Continue reading “Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently – Smashing Magazine”

3 Ways to Improve the Accessibility of Your UI | Usability Matters

There’s a common misconception that an accessible digital product means sacrificing visual design, but there are many subtle changes you can make that will vastly improve the way people interact with and view your brand. Here are a few quick and easy tips you can implement today to help your users. Colour Contrast Colour contrastContinue reading “3 Ways to Improve the Accessibility of Your UI | Usability Matters”

Designing Safer Web Animation For Motion Sensitivity · An A List Apart Article

It’s no secret that a lot of people consider scrolljacking and parallax effects annoying and overused. But what if motion does more than just annoy you? What if it also makes you ill? That’s a reality that people with visually-triggered vestibular disorders have to deal with. As animated interfaces increasingly become the norm, more people haveContinue reading “Designing Safer Web Animation For Motion Sensitivity · An A List Apart Article”

How You’re Insulting 285,000,000 Accessibility Users

When we think about Website Accessibility people often think about responsive designs, there’s so much more. No longer are we able to design and create an incredible website with such ease – we used to just come up with a great looking design, as long as those colours worked and you had a navigation, heckContinue reading “How You’re Insulting 285,000,000 Accessibility Users”

ALTA uses accessible design for rehabilitation center

brazilian architecture firm ALTA was commissioned with the expansion of the centro universitário metodista – IPA’scentral campus in porto alegre. the project’s brief asked for the addition of a new physical rehabilitation center that celebrates the tradition of the institution in physical education and physiotherapy teachings. … the central square sits in the middle of the school’s campusContinue reading “ALTA uses accessible design for rehabilitation center”

How Google designs for the blind

All the big technology companies have dedicated teams working on accessibility — making software and hardware features that allow people with disabilities to use them. Employing people who have disabilities is one way to make sure tools are built with accessibility in mind… Someone with perfect vision might not think to design traffic maps thatContinue reading “How Google designs for the blind”

Accessibility Shouldn’t Be a Mystery | edUi Conference

In the past several years, ensuring web content is accessible to people with disabilities has received a lot more attention than ever before. New regulations are coming out that align US government accessibility requirements with the guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative; courts are ruling that the Internet is aContinue reading “Accessibility Shouldn’t Be a Mystery | edUi Conference”