Building Accessibility Culture by David Peter | Model View Culture

  The world we live in perpetuates many kinds of ableism all the time. Fixing (“changing”) the world doesn’t rest on a single axis, or even three, but we can reduce injustice by making our websites and workplaces accessible for people with disabilities. Building Accessible Websites and Products The Internet is often touted as aContinue reading “Building Accessibility Culture by David Peter | Model View Culture”

NYT on finding ourself in the cloud

Interesting bit from an article in the New York Times about self-tracking – this bit rang a bell in my head around humanity / culture driving technology creation to fulfil its desires. NYT Article One of the reasons that self-tracking is spreading widely beyond the technical culture that gave birth to it is that weContinue reading “NYT on finding ourself in the cloud”

Depth = Full Focus Attention

Mark Pesce in his contribution to a piece on ABC Unleased shares in “My dreams for 2010” What Mark refers to as depth is what Linda Stone calls “the next aphrodisiac” in her talk at Supernova 2005 – Full Focused Attention.  Five years into Linda’s 20 year cycle framework of culture, cycle where swinging backContinue reading “Depth = Full Focus Attention”

Tweenbots: displaying our humanness

Tweenbots Something about this is neat. The act of helping is so ingrained and helping robots reveals something inherent about our humanness. Were these ppl helping to be a part of something? Or because they knew there must be human behind it? Unorganised crowd sourcing. Fascinating. Dave [via David Weinberger]