Web Accessibility Testing Tools: The Practical Role of Automated Checkers

With the proliferation of actions taken against organizations with websites and web applications that are not perceivable and usable by someone with a vision, hearing, mobility and/or cognitive disabilities, it is only natural that institutions would respond by seeking out automated testing tools that can scan an entire web-based experience and report accessibility issues.  AtContinue reading “Web Accessibility Testing Tools: The Practical Role of Automated Checkers”

Best Color Contrast Checkers for Accessibility Testing

Whether you are designing, developing, testing or auditing, a contrast ratio checker is the best way to ensure your site or app passes accessibility criteria. As a designer you can use a simple value checker to plug in foreground and background color value as you use them. You could also use other tools to check final design designsContinue reading “Best Color Contrast Checkers for Accessibility Testing”

How to Make Your Website Accessible to People Who Use a Screen Magnifier

There’s a lot of content out there on how to make your website accessible. But I haven’t seen much on the subject of accessibility to users of screen magnifiers. I’m one of them, and I frequently run into annoying issues on the web.In this article, I’ll give some tips on how you can make yourContinue reading “How to Make Your Website Accessible to People Who Use a Screen Magnifier”

Accessibility Testing: Checkers & Development Tools Review

Tools of the Trade In a different article, I outline the basics foundations of accessibility standards: “Understanding s508 & WCAG 2.0“. To further expand this, let’s look at various development tools to help author accessible content conformant to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2.0 standards. Getting Started For a primer or refresher on whatContinue reading “Accessibility Testing: Checkers & Development Tools Review”

Free web accessibility tools round-up — bread crumbs — Medium

  Free web accessibility tools round-up If you’re like me, you’re one of the web developers on your team tasked with taking something seemingly-boring – like a mortgage calculator – and making it: Look and work fantastically. Something like Google Docs meets Facebook meets Spotify meets Snapchat… SnapDocBookify? Yeah, make that. Meet the demands ofContinue reading “Free web accessibility tools round-up — bread crumbs — Medium”