Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?

Reuters reported last month on Apple ordering larger touch screens: Taiwan touchscreen specialist Wintek already makes small screens for Apple iPhones, and has received orders for the larger ones that are roughly the same size as those used in mini PCs – [http://www.wintek.com.tw/] I bet you’ll still need skin! Source [Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens forContinue reading “Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?”

Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes

UPDATE AUGUST 2011 NOTE This article has a date and was current at that date. I realise that Live365 has now changed and that the instructions in this post no longer work. I wrote this mostly for a friend who used Live365 a lot. I never have. I have no intention of updating this soContinue reading “Live 365 stations streaming on iTunes”

Working Touch Screen Netbook running Mac OSX

Now folks we are talking about something I want and would actually be able to use. Compact, Mac OSX and a Resistive touch screen allowing me to control the cursor as I couldn’t o this device and can’t with the current track pads all Macs have. I couldn’t find out who did this, but ifContinue reading “Working Touch Screen Netbook running Mac OSX”

New iPod and the Importance of Input Feedback

Being the geek I am, as well as the sleeper I am, I found myself following the Apple ‘Let’s Rock’ event at 2.30am. One interesting thought about the new stuff that was announced is the accessibility aspect is being thought about and incorporated at th design stage.  Like most of the things to do withContinue reading “New iPod and the Importance of Input Feedback”