Post Falls 5th grade inventor creates app to help people with disabilities

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Alexander Knoll stayed after school one day recently to have a little chat with educators at the North Idaho STEM Charter Academy in Rathdrum. “I love helping people and I’m excited to tell you about the app I’m trying to develop called Ability App,” the Post Falls fifth-grader said. “The ideaContinue reading “Post Falls 5th grade inventor creates app to help people with disabilities”

The iPhone setting that changed this man’s life.

..Todd Stabelfeldt is able to control the entire iPhone interface, thanks to an iOS setting called Switch Control. Also known as switch access, it’s an accessibility feature for people with physical disabilities who can’t use a touchscreen in the traditional way. It turns a complicated user interface into something that can be controlled with basicContinue reading “The iPhone setting that changed this man’s life.”

Accessibility: Towards a more inclusive web with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10

Windows has used the Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) API since Windows 98 to express buttons, menus, text, and other on-screen content to assistive technology. Assistive technology vendors have used the MSAA API (along with other app-specific APIs like the DOM in IE, the Office Object Model in Office, and even scraping video drivers) to makeContinue reading “Accessibility: Towards a more inclusive web with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10”

Picture this: An app for blind photographers

The app, which has already won two prestigious design awards, allows someone who is visually impaired to not only recognize their photos but also to organize them and even share their shots through social media. Curated by (Lifekludger) Read full article at Source: Picture this: An app for blind photographers

Map Traffic Lights for the Visually Impaired

Imagine trying to cross a busy city street without being able to see the traffic lights change color or glance down the road to make sure the oncoming cars have stopped. For the blind and visually impaired, that’s just one aspect of navigating the world that presents a challenge, but an app called SeeLight aimsContinue reading “Map Traffic Lights for the Visually Impaired”

Two New Smartwatch Apps Aim to Help the Visually Impaired

A new pair of watch apps from pharmaceutical company Novartis has been launched with the intent of helping the visually impaired. The first app, Via Opta Nav, provides turn-by-turn navigation in the manner of Google Maps or Waze, but directions are provided with both voice directions and with haptic feedback. The second app, only availableContinue reading “Two New Smartwatch Apps Aim to Help the Visually Impaired”

App for deaf people to ‘hear’ group conversations

Smart, very smart use of technology to enhance lives. Researchers have developed the first mobile app to make group conversations possible between deaf people and their hearing peers. The Transcense app “listens” and interprets conversations, providing real-time captioning on mobile devices.   Indiegogo campaign : Transcence website : via [New app lets deafContinue reading “App for deaf people to ‘hear’ group conversations”

Snapvoice – Photos With Audio Recordings

Using Snapvoice you can add an audio recording of up to 90 seconds to a single image. I came across SnapVoice and it reminded me of an earlier post on a similar app, VoicePic, and some thoughts I had in that post around Mechanical Turk. I think this would be an excellent way to shareContinue reading “Snapvoice – Photos With Audio Recordings”

Voicepic – voice caption your photos

Voicepic – is an app that allows you to add a 5 second audio recording to any of your photographs and then share them to Facebook or on the Voicepic website, almost instantly. When I saw this I thought how it’s kind of like the Descriptive Camera and wouldn’t it be neat for the blindContinue reading “Voicepic – voice caption your photos”