The a11y Monthly: get rid of your tables (or fix them) 

While the original intended use of HTML tables was tabular data, tables are also used as aids for page layout. This was especially true some years ago when browsers hardly supported CSS. Tables were necessary to overcome limitations in visual presentation. Today, there is much more flexibility in controlling page layout using CSS. Does itContinue reading “The a11y Monthly: get rid of your tables (or fix them) “

Introducing A11y Toggle

If you’re only here for the code, go straight to the GitHub repository. A few weeks ago, I introduced a11y-dialog. Today, I am coming back with another accessibility-focused module: a11y-toggle. At Edenspiekermann, we used to heavily rely on the checkbox hack to toggle content visibility. Unfortunately, this hack (the word is an understatement) involves someContinue reading “Introducing A11y Toggle”

Making Accessibility Simpler, With Ally.js – Smashing Magazine

A long read but worth it. One of the first things you’ll learn when looking at ARIA is that supporting keyboard navigation is fundamental. And the first step to understanding keyboard navigation is to understand what focus is. And this is where I tripped, because nobody knew (in detail) which elements could receive focus andContinue reading “Making Accessibility Simpler, With Ally.js – Smashing Magazine”