We’re just temporarily abled: Designing for the future – InVision Blog

We need to design for accessibility not only for folks who are permanently visually impaired, hard of hearing, or have severe motor issues right now, but also for our future selves. … Design for the future you With each passing birthday, our vision is starting to go. Eventually our hearing will start to go andContinue reading “We’re just temporarily abled: Designing for the future – InVision Blog”

The Future of Accessibility Innovation | Foreign Policy

The 2015 FP Global Demographics Student Essay Contest, underwritten by AARP, invited college and graduates students from around the world to participate in an intergenerational discussion about the opportunities presented by a rapidly aging world. Dozens of students from nearly every continent shared their ideas with FP. The winning essay is presented below. The developmentContinue reading “The Future of Accessibility Innovation | Foreign Policy”