Accessible SVGs | CSS-Tricks

An excellent, fully detailed article on making SVG graphics accessible. Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is emerging as the preferred graphic format to use on the web today. Are you abandoning the icon font or replacing old pg, gif and png graphics for the well-supported SVG, too? Let’s see how this will impact users of assistive technologyContinue reading “Accessible SVGs | CSS-Tricks”

10 Apps That Are Designed For Mobile Accessibility – ARC

Mobile accessibility was one of the hot topics in 2015, especially when considering the fact that there are currently no hard guidelines for developers to follow when it comes to building apps that are accessible to all. Mobile and Web accessibility has become more of a priority for some companies, especially when you take intoContinue reading “10 Apps That Are Designed For Mobile Accessibility – ARC”

Making Meetings Accessible

The Basics Introductions:When being introduced to people who have vision loss, say hello and wait for them to offer their hand to be shaken. When introducing yourself, simply say something like “Hi, my name is Kevin Jones. Great to meet you. Let’s shake hands.” … A Note About Guide Dogs:Do not pet a guide dogContinue reading “Making Meetings Accessible”

BraunAbility MXV: Accessibility done CNET style (CNET On Cars, Episode 87)

Something new for “accessibility news” … accessible vehicles. 2016 BraunAbillty MXV makes a Ford Explorer a cool accessible vehicle. VIDEO: BraunAbility MXV: Accessibility done CNET style (CNET On Cars, Episode 87) We’ve recently realized on this high tech show, we’ve never done a piece on wheelchair accessible vehicles. And that’s an oversight because they are anContinue reading “BraunAbility MXV: Accessibility done CNET style (CNET On Cars, Episode 87)”

Measuring Accessibility In The User Experience (UX) And The Searcher Experience

Remember, people locate and discover desirable content via browsing, searching and asking. Findability is just as important as usability and accessibility in the user experience. … In my opinion, website accessibility means creating an online environment in which all users, not only those with disabilities, are able to understand, interact with and easily navigate yourContinue reading “Measuring Accessibility In The User Experience (UX) And The Searcher Experience”

What is an accessible website? | Lee Jordan

What is an accessible website? Often when we try to define what an accessible website is, we default to the position that it’s a website that can be used by a visually impaired person via a screen reader. If your website makes sense and can be navigated when it’s read out by a screen readerContinue reading “What is an accessible website? | Lee Jordan”