A convoluted plethora of barely connected cloud silos

Recently on Facebook JP was lamenting the confused state of managing our data in the cloud when multiple identities and platforms are involved. JP Rangaswami New Windsor, United Kingdom · iCloud is terrible. Going back to Microsoft is unthinkable. Having lived through trying to use personal and corporate gmail accounts in parallel, Google is ruled outContinue reading “A convoluted plethora of barely connected cloud silos”

Govcamp Queensland 2012

GovCamp provides a space for those inside and outside of government to share innovative ideas, initiatives and experiences relating to the use of social and technology solutions, and to find opportunities to collaborate. http://www.govcampqld.info/ This is a place to hold my bits from Govcamp Queensland event, held March 3rd 2012 at The Edge, Brisbane, Queensland.Continue reading “Govcamp Queensland 2012”