stories connect

Dear Mr Hodge (Uncle). Connections happen when stories overlap. Need to build a way to overlap the geek_dots in the geek_stories. Dave (Uncle) PS: I wanted to leave this as a comment on this post on but do I really gotta sign up for yet another account on another silo?

Bruce Sterling in one day

One days take-aways from one days reading and listening crammed inbetween one days travel and one days work. Bruce Sterling @ IDEA 2006 * architectures of participation * mass dis-intermediated production * participative information architecture * If you cut up the present, the future bleeds through. (William Burroughs) Bruce Sterling @ SXSW 2007 sociallyContinue reading “Bruce Sterling in one day”

Reality is sometimes…..

Yes, Stranger than Fiction. (No Signal) Photo by Whistling in the Dark I just got back from seeing the film Stranger Than Fiction. I state upfront I’m not a Will Ferrell fan and have come to expect shallow, overstated slapstick which quite frankly leaves me feeling empty. But this movie is different. It is aContinue reading “Reality is sometimes…..”