Self-organised networks and collective productivity

Stowe Boyd has (as usual) more great expressions on network/collective productivity : … the underlying premises of our educational system, which is to produce good little individual economic cogs. Meanwhile, the kids are turning themselves into self-organized networks where collective productivity is the central aim. … … Meanwhile, the kids are reshaping their cognition toContinue reading “Self-organised networks and collective productivity”

Post Industrial Context Shifting and Network Productivity

Back in 2005 after thinking about “Attention, Recognition & Context” I wrote in 2006 that I was “hung up on the concept of context”  and a bit later “On context and openness” Which lead to the thinking about how I do what I do at Lifekludger, documented in the “Contexts and Clues” section of theContinue reading “Post Industrial Context Shifting and Network Productivity”

Thoughts from the road – change, steps and the signal.

Took a quick trip bush. Getting into the van, this line came to me: Into the cockpit of our future Fly the memories of our past That’s not quoting anyone, it’s my original thought. There’s a poem in there somewhere. Maybe the rest will appear sometime. Or maybe it’s just stimulus. Sitting in the backContinue reading “Thoughts from the road – change, steps and the signal.”

Individual the centre of gravity – the times still are a changin, Facebook

As the present now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin’. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin’. -Bob Dylan Stowe Boyd puts it well. At last, I actually read something that points to where the real power of an open distributed web will beContinue reading “Individual the centre of gravity – the times still are a changin, Facebook”