Depth = Full Focus Attention

Mark Pesce in his contribution to a piece on ABC Unleased shares in “My dreams for 2010” What Mark refers to as depth is what Linda Stone calls “the next aphrodisiac” in her talk at Supernova 2005 – Full Focused Attention.  Five years into Linda’s 20 year cycle framework of culture, cycle where swinging backContinue reading “Depth = Full Focus Attention”

Affinity, Humanity and Disability.

The other day whilst reading a feed somewhere in my hundreds, I came across a link to a video .. this video in fact : I instantly felt a recognition and affinity and especially wth the subtleties in the kaos (yes, oh yes, there’s subtleties), so much so it sent me hunting for more. IContinue reading “Affinity, Humanity and Disability.”

Me, We and the Network – shout-out

On of my ‘Network‘ friends, Nancy White, from Full Circle Associates in the States, has been out here in Australia doing some presentations. Here’s a snippet where my ‘We‘ friend Mike Seyfang and I get a shout-out in her Keynote at the Learning Technologies 2009 Conference held this week in Qld. It makes me thinkContinue reading “Me, We and the Network – shout-out”

Tweenbots: displaying our humanness

Tweenbots Something about this is neat. The act of helping is so ingrained and helping robots reveals something inherent about our humanness. Were these ppl helping to be a part of something? Or because they knew there must be human behind it? Unorganised crowd sourcing. Fascinating. Dave [via David Weinberger]

Preserving Digital Identity in my Will

I made a decision yesterday while travelling home – I’m going to make allowance in my will towards the ongoing existence of my digital identity. Now, don’t panic, I’m not ill and don’t intend on dying anytime soon. But it will happen. And it so happens that with recent changes in living arrangements I’ve beenContinue reading “Preserving Digital Identity in my Will”

Incandescent Blue in October – Between a laugh and a Tear

October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month. October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Expect to see lots of Blue. A lot of my Twitter friends are already turning blue and are doing various things, calling it Blueday2008 and using the hashtag. I’m never one for jumping on bandwagons for the sake of it. LikeContinue reading “Incandescent Blue in October – Between a laugh and a Tear”