Telstra Bigpond withdrawing from Second Life

A friend of mine sent me the following notice sent to BigPond Residents in Second Life: POND ESTATES CLOSURE 16 DECEMBER 2009 Dear Residents, Vendors and Guests, Telstra BigPond would like to thank you for participating in Second Life through BigPond. Our creative experience with Second Life has been very rewarding for both BigPond andContinue reading “Telstra Bigpond withdrawing from Second Life”

virtual co-presence

Update: Some sentences rearranged to better express what I wanted to convey. Bold added.      Last year a blog post by Mark Pesce titled “Those Wacky Kids” contained this paragraph:   Mizuko Ito, a Japanese researcher, studied teenagers in Japan a few years ago, and found that these kids – from the moment theyContinue reading “virtual co-presence”

Microcosms, Second Life and the Giant Zero of Distributed Media

a twitter msg sent by me from within sl Second Life offers a grid that is a microcosm of the connectedness that the Internet, operating as a pervasive, worldwide grid, promises. Second Life offers a peek into possibilities of what the world might look and feel like when the internet-as-grid connects all facets of howContinue reading “Microcosms, Second Life and the Giant Zero of Distributed Media”

Incandescent Blue in October – Between a laugh and a Tear

October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Month. October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Expect to see lots of Blue. A lot of my Twitter friends are already turning blue and are doing various things, calling it Blueday2008 and using the hashtag. I’m never one for jumping on bandwagons for the sake of it. LikeContinue reading “Incandescent Blue in October – Between a laugh and a Tear”

Social ‘co-presence’

Why visualize RL data in SL? “…a 3-D virtual environment allows us to more naturally experience and visualize this information in real-time with others and also appreciate their presence around us. Virtual worlds are such an appealing concept to users primarily because of the social ‘co-presence’ of others in these worlds in a very realisticContinue reading “Social ‘co-presence’”

The Wall by Pink Floyd – last Second Life Performance

Last month I wrote about seeing the performance of The Wall in Second Life. This is advance notice I got about the last performance coming up. It’s awesome and worth getting up early if you need to to experience it. Saturday 31st May 2pm SL time Technorati Tags: pinkfloyd, secondlife

Second Life performance of The Wall by Pink Floyd

I was awake at 5am the other morning so I could go to a artistic performance in Second Life. The performance was of Pink Floyd’s The Wall concert set to the original music from The Wall. And it was spectacular. It is so popular we had to be there an hour before start to makeContinue reading “Second Life performance of The Wall by Pink Floyd”

Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities

I was awake at 3.30am to take part in the Second Life talk that’s part of this forum: (why do I do these things…) Using Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities This two-part, interactive event will take place in two locations online: First, the live discussion in the virtual world of SecondContinue reading “Virtual Worlds and Emerging Technologies for People with Disabilities”

Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions

UPDATE: The Producer of the show sent me the audio and I’ve snipped out music and commercials. You can listen here. Just like Laurel, I was asked on the ABC Radio Tuesday night to talk about Second Life (SL). Evidently the show was about online relationships, not just SL, but I didn’t know this beforehand,Continue reading “Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions”

Linux Conference Australia and Second Life

I got an email about the Linux Conference being held in Melbourne later this month. There will be events also happening simultaneously in Second Life. The irc channel for the conference will be relayed in Second Life for participants to be able to take part via irc in world. See links with SLURL below. Here’sContinue reading “Linux Conference Australia and Second Life”