My Second Life exploits get a write up

My exploits in Second Life have been picked up on in an article on From the article titled “Flying with disability in Second Life” Australian David Wallace, a quadriplegic who works as an IT coordinator at the South Australian Disability Information and Resource Centre in Adelaide has also found an outlet for his artisticContinue reading “My Second Life exploits get a write up”

LongTailJewel, SecondOpinion and NewTailBlog – Affermative Action in the Blogosphere

I see my friend, JP, over on Confused of Calcutta, has picked up on the idea of bringing some equality to the blogosphere by highlighting lesser known bloggers and tagging the post newtailblog. This is right along the lines of what Mike and I picked up on and were discussing back in February through aContinue reading “LongTailJewel, SecondOpinion and NewTailBlog – Affermative Action in the Blogosphere”

Youth Depression

A Mission Australia media release reports: A national survey of around 11,300 young people, aged 11-24 (94% between 11-19), has found that ‘suicide/self harm’, ‘physical/sexual abuse’ and ‘family conflict’ are issues of growing concern…… Two in five young participants were significantly concerned about suicide, and one in three about depression. 1 in 3! Astounding. MissionContinue reading “Youth Depression”

Evil Genius Chronicles » The Listeners Count

Okay. I’ve been sitting on this quote from Dave Slusher for two weeks. I even had related links in delicious that I had intended to go through and try figure out what it was I wanted to say about this. But I’m tired of waiting. So I’m just gonna say it. Is the ‘new system’Continue reading “Evil Genius Chronicles » The Listeners Count”

I’m hung up on the concept of context

Further to my previous post titled Attention, Recognition & Context, I read Scoble talking about what term to call someone who generates content, Scoble muses thus: The problem is we don’t have good language. When I’m on Flickr I’m a photographer or a commenter. When I’m here I’m a writer or a blogger. When I’mContinue reading “I’m hung up on the concept of context”

Attention, Recognition & Context

What can attention do for recognition? To be recognised requires attention – def: # Attention or favorable notice: She received recognition for her many achievements. The amount of recognition can be tracked and measured by attention. Attention is being measured so recognition can be. The key is context. In what context is the object givenContinue reading “Attention, Recognition & Context”