EverPress – Re-visiting Evernote as blog publishing engine

Back in June last year I wrote about how I was trying to use Evernote as a way of publishing to my WordPress blog.   At that time, I was using a third party plug-in for Word Press called WP-o-matic to autopost entries from Evernote which I got from a RSS feed published from aContinue reading “EverPress – Re-visiting Evernote as blog publishing engine”

MediaFuturist: The abbreviation of everything

I think the increasing shortening of people’s digital attention span, and the trends towards reading and writing quick blurbs and instant nuggets of wisdom (of which I am plenty guilty myself) will sooner or later spawn a trend back towards deeper reading and writing, just like the success of the console game GuitarHero has resultedContinue reading “MediaFuturist: The abbreviation of everything”

2gether08 | JP recaps Cluetrain: we are human amidst the tech

JP identified five themes from Cluetrain: people are human beings people work in communities, and community extends beyond the walls of the firm hypelinks subvert hierarchies … and so conversations can go laterally, not just up and down the ladder of control conversations are richer with the new tools available, and firms have less capacityContinue reading “2gether08 | JP recaps Cluetrain: we are human amidst the tech”

Do RIM’s optical trackpads offer Accessible Alternative to “Skin” Touch?

It seems RIM’s ‘optical pad’ technology could offer hope for the “touch barrier” that exists with the requirement for skin to touch the capacitive type pads that dominate todays gadgets. Thinking about how your phone’s touchscreen operates, you might assume that the so-called optical pads that have been making appearances on recent BlackBerrys (among otherContinue reading “Do RIM’s optical trackpads offer Accessible Alternative to “Skin” Touch?”