I’m hung up on the concept of context

Further to my previous post titled Attention, Recognition & Context, I read Scoble talking about what term to call someone who generates content, Scoble muses thus: The problem is we don’t have good language. When I’m on Flickr I’m a photographer or a commenter. When I’m here I’m a writer or a blogger. When I’mContinue reading “I’m hung up on the concept of context”

Attention, Recognition & Context

What can attention do for recognition? To be recognised requires attention – def: # Attention or favorable notice: She received recognition for her many achievements. The amount of recognition can be tracked and measured by attention. Attention is being measured so recognition can be. The key is context. In what context is the object givenContinue reading “Attention, Recognition & Context”

The Borg is near – internal kludging

My attention was drawn to this article on Brain Implants for Parkinson’s Disease. Mike says: Brain Implants for Parkinson’s Disease – so maybe a ‘totally immersive, directly wired, Virtual Reality experience isnt so far away. I wonder what the LifeKludger will make of all this? I must admit, this challenges my sensibilities somewhat. My firstContinue reading “The Borg is near – internal kludging”

It’s all about the people!

My friend Mike’s been to Melbourne and made good connections. In a post titled CONNECTING to people behind the BLOGs he says: This was my first experience of meeting people I’ve been ‘reading’ (connected to via RSS). It was really quite empowering! I think I understand why people do, and write about ‘geek dinners’ andContinue reading “It’s all about the people!”