How to Move your Identity

I started this post a few days ago, on the 24th (a whole 2 days ago…geez internet time flies). Note to skimmers…..if you can’t be bothered reading it all, skip and read the end….that’s where the point is. 24th… Cam has started a discussion all by asking if he should move his blog. Some respondentsContinue reading “How to Move your Identity”

Wrapping context around blogs with podcasts

Ground control to Major Tom Blimey. I’m gonna have to watch what I rant about. Mike’s picked me up on the space telephone talking about my mind bending thoughts on the attention, recognition and context posts on my personal blog. He’s remixed the rant to make a conversation and the output is over on LearnDogContinue reading “Wrapping context around blogs with podcasts”

Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again

Here I am again reporting on the PDA-Bluetooth issues I’ve alluded to in previous posts and written about in a paper about mobile technologies for people with a disability. As a result of that I’ve pointed my feed reader over at the A hugely indepth article about the technical problems of why it’s soContinue reading “Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again”

Technology widely distributed and easier

In Cameron’s “half arsed bluster” blog yesterday he was reporting on “Rewind Fast Forward” conference in Melbourne. (Thanks for the report Cam!) In a post titled half arsed bluster: there are NO online brands AT ALL?? he quotes Simon Smith, local MD for ebay: “the future is here already – it just isn’t widely distributedContinue reading “Technology widely distributed and easier”

Technology is not the problem – getting it is

The Angry Gimp is angry with people telling her she’ll walk again. Here’s a synopsis worth scrolling down for! People, quit telling me I’ll walk again. Save that for Christopher Reeve’s cronies. The world already has everything in it that I need to be incredibly independent and happy. Too bad it’s so out of reach.Continue reading “Technology is not the problem – getting it is”