The unconsciously built connected consciousness | Cluetrain at Fifteen

[The Net is] the connected consciousness of the market itself. It makes markets smart by giving customers unprecedented powers, the most fundamental of which is each other via Cluetrain at Fifteen | Linux Journal. What I have always loved about Doc is how human he is. For me this quote encompasses everything the article hasContinue reading “The unconsciously built connected consciousness | Cluetrain at Fifteen”

NYT on finding ourself in the cloud

Interesting bit from an article in the New York Times about self-tracking – this bit rang a bell in my head around humanity / culture driving technology creation to fulfil its desires. NYT Article One of the reasons that self-tracking is spreading widely beyond the technical culture that gave birth to it is that weContinue reading “NYT on finding ourself in the cloud”

Affinity, Humanity and Disability.

The other day whilst reading a feed somewhere in my hundreds, I came across a link to a video .. this video in fact : I instantly felt a recognition and affinity and especially wth the subtleties in the kaos (yes, oh yes, there’s subtleties), so much so it sent me hunting for more. IContinue reading “Affinity, Humanity and Disability.”

Roy’s Because Effect

UPDATE: Roy was interviewed on the show about Visual Facilitation – see the youtube video here. My mate Roy Blumenthal from South Africa, who is the man behind my portrait on my lifekludger blog, has scored himself a gig as a weekly co-anchor of CNBC AFRICA’s business magazine show, ‘Kaleidoscope‘ where he employs his visualContinue reading “Roy’s Because Effect”

Post Industrial Context Shifting and Network Productivity

Back in 2005 after thinking about “Attention, Recognition & Context” I wrote in 2006 that I was “hung up on the concept of context”  and a bit later “On context and openness” Which lead to the thinking about how I do what I do at Lifekludger, documented in the “Contexts and Clues” section of theContinue reading “Post Industrial Context Shifting and Network Productivity”

Openness thoughts grab from Supernova

Here’s some interesting grabs from Twitter during the following discussion at Supernova on Openness I caught this morning. Kick-Off Discussion: The Value of Openness JP Rangaswami (BT) Elliot Maxwell (Consultant) From: @wseltzer on Wednesday, June 18th at 00:17:54 [link] To: @rafik Supernova is — good discussions of openness and innovation From: @sarahdopp on Tuesday,Continue reading “Openness thoughts grab from Supernova”

On Forgiveness, Openness and Justice

Father Bob on Forgiveness: One was a woman from Rwanda where millions were killed a few years ago. She was from tribe A, Tutsi, massacred by tribe B, Hutu. She’d lost husband and children. She was at a “truth and reconciliation” session arranged by South African Bishop Tutu, (Church and State have a different relationshipContinue reading “On Forgiveness, Openness and Justice”