Walled Gardens or Walled Hearts?

I’ve never read Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Tipping Point” but something inside me feels on the edge. Some kind of epidemic at that intersection of technology advance and human desire seems to be going down. Facebook is all at once touted as saviour and villan. Dave Slusher points out what others are thinking. Cam’s talking aboutContinue reading “Walled Gardens or Walled Hearts?”

Openness – Going Beyond Transparency

Openness is one of my pet things that’s been on my heart heavy for a few years and I’ve written about before. I read two things this week that conspired me to write some more. One was JP talking about his ‘self-editing’ actions when posting a list of songs he has been listening to andContinue reading “Openness – Going Beyond Transparency”

Kent swivels

Here’s my submission of blogs for Kent’s Swivel feeds experiment. jp rangaswami – confused of calcutta – http://confusedofcalcutta.comjp is a kind of information hero of mine. something about how he sees things just clicks with me in totally perpendicular ways. he’s the cio of bt global services. nick hodge – mungenet – http://www.nickhodge.com/blog/Uncle Nick isContinue reading “Kent swivels”

The Fourth Platform clarified – the Social Sector

Over on her blog, Laurel does as brilliant job of expanding on a very important penny that was dropped and jelled at the Connecting Up Conference earlier in the week. It’s reflected in the comment I jotted down here while liveblogging. During his keynote, Daniel Ben-Horin from Compumentor made reference to the emergence of aContinue reading “The Fourth Platform clarified – the Social Sector”

My blog promotion advice for Ali in Kenya

Update: Tools and more tips here and here. Well, I got a signal in the ether from Beth Kanter about Alison Lowndes asking how Ali could best promote the AVIF Volunteers blog to get the message out about her work with children in Kenya. I’m no A-list blogger but have been pleased about connections myContinue reading “My blog promotion advice for Ali in Kenya”

Death brings new life to supply

Doc says: III. Advertising is going to die. PR is already dead. Advertising has a problem. It’s not efficient. …………. But it’s still waste. The day will come when something new will connect demand and supply directly and efficiently. (Maybe Google will do that too… who knows?). Then advertising as we know it will beContinue reading “Death brings new life to supply”