Share : Connect – World Of We

My friend Biff from Naked Yak wrote something ages ago I’ve wanted to reiterate here as it’s very important: Naked Yak 27/01/08 8:04 AM NakedBiff Nurturing The more we share the more we know each other, the more we have in common. In this sense, how we use the technology that is available to usContinue reading “Share : Connect – World Of We”

Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions

UPDATE: The Producer of the show sent me the audio and I’ve snipped out music and commercials. You can listen here. Just like Laurel, I was asked on the ABC Radio Tuesday night to talk about Second Life (SL). Evidently the show was about online relationships, not just SL, but I didn’t know this beforehand,Continue reading “Second Life, the ABC and Virtual Social interactions”

Where we need to get back to

Real community and why we are building tools to connect to each other: “One of the things that characterizes people living in difficult conditions is a very well-developed sense of how dependent we humans are on each other,” says Cockburn. “There’s a sense of community that is beyond anything that one encounters in the developedContinue reading “Where we need to get back to”

Second Life and The Podcast Network HQ

Some of you may have been wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late.I’ve been flat out in Second Life (SL) helping get a base for The Podcast Network up and established. It’s been a heady couple weeks which started innocently enough with Cameron Reilly asking me about getting a little placeContinue reading “Second Life and The Podcast Network HQ”

Talking about Tools to OTs

The group of Occupational Therapy students at UNISA I spoke with yesterday about how to use tools to do life with disability. The course title is “Enabling Occupation” Occupation being any activity in this case. I like to simplify that to mean “Helping to do stuff”. Which ain’t a bad definition of what a toolContinue reading “Talking about Tools to OTs”

Isolated isolation post on Lifekludger

Sometimes I have troubles deciding where something I write fits. I’m torn between this blog or  lifekludger. There’s so much of  me that overlaps both. So, for those who might read this blog but not the other, there’s something over on my Lifekludger blog I wrote titled “Isolation kills” you might be interested in. IsolationContinue reading “Isolated isolation post on Lifekludger”

inverted relationship management

Over on a post on Naked yak about what a FRIEND really means, Chris offers a comment that got me thinking: It gets even weirder, because of the friends blurring with business colleagues. Maybe the nature and title of the relationship needs to reside in the hands of the one making the connection, not anContinue reading “inverted relationship management”

WE the people, WE the bloggers

The other day I read a post titled “Shared Cultures” on the Naked yak blog, the the ending part of which read… ….We should use the potential openness of social networks to make a difference, to shape the future into a much more intimate place – a world of ‘we’. This comment about ‘we’ resonatedContinue reading “WE the people, WE the bloggers”