Spam spam go away

In last couple weeks this blogs been hit hard by comment spam. None of it got through my filters and blacklists etc but I’ve been getting about 100 a week. These are mostly trying to piggy-back onto posts that already have valid comments. New comments on posts that have no existing comments get trapped byContinue reading “Spam spam go away”

It’s Broke!

Wonder why I’d been a bit quiet? I’ve been battling a sore shoulder since last Tuesday….finally got to get an x-ray today. It’s broken! Fractured! So will be a bit quiet until I figure out how to compute from bed effectively. Photos to follow……no scar, no proof! 🙂 Dave

Blob and Lifekludger in Temple U roundup

Temple Uni does a good Disability Blogs Roundup and this blog and Lifekludger get a wrap in roundup #4… Disability Blogs Roundup, #4 I’ll start the roundup this month with a welcome to some new disability-related blogs. Australian David N. Wallace has put up TWO: blob is his personal blog, and LifeKludger is specifically forContinue reading “Blob and Lifekludger in Temple U roundup”