Preserving Digital Identity in my Will

I made a decision yesterday while travelling home – I’m going to make allowance in my will towards the ongoing existence of my digital identity. Now, don’t panic, I’m not ill and don’t intend on dying anytime soon. But it will happen. And it so happens that with recent changes in living arrangements I’ve beenContinue reading “Preserving Digital Identity in my Will”

Miscellaneous small thoughts loosley blogged

Photo: Kamyar Adl Some thoughts of recent, spurred on by many things. I had been thinking about returning to more ‘stream of conscious’ blogging but hadn’t got there – so it’s about time I did. But this might not be one of them. It used to be people blogged heaps….then something, or some things happened.Continue reading “Miscellaneous small thoughts loosley blogged”

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

That’s one of my chief guiding principals. If something does the job, go with it until it doesn’t. So, turns out there was something I wanted to do on this blog that my ole WordPress v1.5 install wouldn’t support, so I’ve just upgraded it to v2. It went fairly painless. I disabled plugins, copied theContinue reading “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Second Life T-shirts

So here’s how a net works. Mike emailed me about Peter Clitheroe ( saying he’s a mate of Pete Cogle ( and how he was heard on his podcast talking about having tshirts in Second Life and needing a hand with getting them out in-world. So, I left a comment on the suffolk ‘n’ coolContinue reading “Suffolk ‘n’ Cool Second Life T-shirts”

How noisy is my Aussie blog?

Over at on the blog about the and sites, the boys have cone up with a new toy that gives the list of Australias noisiest blogs. Although I’ve been very quiet of lat (read slack), the Lifekludger blog comes in at 268 and my personal blog, Blob, at 860. Just figures. ButContinue reading “How noisy is my Aussie blog?”

Lifekludger Interview in this Thursdays Age

UPDATE: So, it appears it didn’t get a show in that Thursday, 16th. My Journalist contactsays will definately appear..try for this Thursday, 23rd. Latest news is that my interview will appear in this Thursday’s Age Newspaper (16th Nov.) I think that the ‘Personal Space’ column will probably run next Thursday.. So if you pass aContinue reading “Lifekludger Interview in this Thursdays Age”