The times they are a …..

Had a discussion about broadband, fibre (of the optics variety, not the food type) and the stances of each side of Government this morning. Nothing new or unusual for me you say? Except that I had this discussion with, of all people, the District Nurse who was on a visit. And she was the oneContinue reading “The times they are a …..”

dkart exhibition at Bradley U opening in SL

The other day I had an exhibition of my Second Life art. I was invited to show it at the opening of the building and resources that Bradley University have established on Information Island. I took the opportunity to capture the opening and snipped together my versy first video with iMovie and on YouTube. SeeContinue reading “dkart exhibition at Bradley U opening in SL”

Bruce, YouTube and Second Life

Picked this up on my radar. Bruce Cockburn video on YouTube. Interesting as you don’t see much of Bruce outsideCanada/US. At last a personal useful thing I’ve found on YouTube. Now what I find interesting about the clip itself is it has an incredibly Second Life feel about it. Virtual buildings textured with the lyricsContinue reading “Bruce, YouTube and Second Life”

Avoiding Rocket Science – slide 1

Funny things happen when you go back to work after being on leave for a week. I returned this morning to a colleague presenting me with a mystery. Turns out one of the public computers was acting up….nothing new, they always get a bashing. However this time things typed by staff on a computer, aboutContinue reading “Avoiding Rocket Science – slide 1”