Apple listens – iTunes Menu makes sense again

I just updated iTunes to v9.1 and lo and behold, look what I found. Apple have fixed the non-sensical menus that I wrote about on this blog a couple weeks back. As these screenshots now show, audio podcasts get correctly marked as Played and video podcasts as Watched. — Oh, the world somehow feels aContinue reading “Apple listens – iTunes Menu makes sense again”

Supernova snippet – Jonathan Zittrain

A Tale of Three Amazons Mike asked me to snip this to audio for him. Jonathan was co-counsel with Lawrence Lessig in Eldred v. Ashcroft, challenging the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 and was asked to talk about “Is this the future we want?” Jonathan Zittrain Supernova 09 [mp3] via – Supernova Conference,Continue reading “Supernova snippet – Jonathan Zittrain”

Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Podcast, #055 up

The latest “Extraordinary Everyday Lives” Podcast, #055, is up over here at the TPN blog. On it Mike and I are joined by Michael Specht to discuss the activities that were undertaken by those people in and around in our social network space to bring awareness of anxiety and depression for the month of OctoberContinue reading “Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Podcast, #055 up”

Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show #044 with Al Upton is out

Show number #44 is out. There has been a bit of a kerfuffle on the interwebs this week as Al Upton and the miniLegends class blog was Closed. Kent couldn’t join us today due to time zone issues. An extremely relevant topic, this show has already had the largest amount of downloads on a singleContinue reading “Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show #044 with Al Upton is out”

Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Podcast up #41

EELS41 Thu 7 Feb 2008 – Ajay Ranipeta – Laurel driving Get the show here – The Extraordinary Everyday Lives Show #041 – 1:15:18; 25.9Mb Extraordinary Everyday Lives show #41 – Thursday 7th Feb 2008 In this first show for 2008 Laurel Papworth is handed the reigns to drive the show and brings a guestContinue reading “Latest Extraordinary Everyday Lives Podcast up #41”

Second Life Recording of EEL Show and GGP Podcasts

So, while I’ve been at wordcamp I see Mike has uploaded our latest special edition Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast that we recorded in conjunction with Dave Gray from Global Geeks podcast. What’s special about this podcast is it was recorded totally in Second Life. Dave Gray has recently come into SL and he and IContinue reading “Second Life Recording of EEL Show and GGP Podcasts”