Testing MacJournal for blogging

Update: That seemed to work.. once I got ftp of image uploading sorted out. I like how I can edit and re-post (called Share in Journal) Let’s try some multimedia. [wp_youtube]qcQAxd57Mqs[/wp_youtube] Ok. So because MacJournal didn’t ilk,e ‘<‘ charac her I used wp_youtube plugin which uses ‘[‘ to specify youtube video id. Works good. Hi..Continue reading “Testing MacJournal for blogging”

When did Disabled become Handicapped?

ngram-disabled,handicapped-2, a photo by dnwallace on Flickr. Spurred on by the discovery of Google’s ngram utility whilst reading this post by Doc Searls, I tried a query using the words disabled and handicapped. I am struck by a couple questions” 1/ What happened around 1920 when disability became overtaken by handicapped. Especially since handicapped wasContinue reading “When did Disabled become Handicapped?”