Evil Genius Chronicles » The Listeners Count

Okay. I’ve been sitting on this quote from Dave Slusher for two weeks. I even had related links in delicious that I had intended to go through and try figure out what it was I wanted to say about this. But I’m tired of waiting. So I’m just gonna say it. Is the ‘new system’Continue reading “Evil Genius Chronicles » The Listeners Count”

How to Move your Identity

I started this post a few days ago, on the 24th (a whole 2 days ago…geez internet time flies). Note to skimmers…..if you can’t be bothered reading it all, skip and read the end….that’s where the point is. 24th… Cam has started a discussion all by asking if he should move his blog. Some respondentsContinue reading “How to Move your Identity”

Beetroot is a safety hazard!

Had to warn everybody….. I’ve got the ‘inside goss’ as to why Beetroot and pineapple disappeared from Subway’s menus … it’s a SAFETY issue! Over at my Bring Beetroot Back guestbook, Sarah says: look i work at subway, beetroot left because it was a safety hazard it not only spreads germs but is easily slippedContinue reading “Beetroot is a safety hazard!”

Blob and Lifekludger in Temple U roundup

Temple Uni does a good Disability Blogs Roundup and this blog and Lifekludger get a wrap in roundup #4… Disability Blogs Roundup, #4 I’ll start the roundup this month with a welcome to some new disability-related blogs. Australian David N. Wallace has put up TWO: blob is his personal blog, and LifeKludger is specifically forContinue reading “Blob and Lifekludger in Temple U roundup”

I’m hung up on the concept of context

Further to my previous post titled Attention, Recognition & Context, I read Scoble talking about what term to call someone who generates content, Scoble muses thus: The problem is we don’t have good language. When I’m on Flickr I’m a photographer or a commenter. When I’m here I’m a writer or a blogger. When I’mContinue reading “I’m hung up on the concept of context”

Attention, Recognition & Context

What can attention do for recognition? To be recognised requires attention – def: # Attention or favorable notice: She received recognition for her many achievements. The amount of recognition can be tracked and measured by attention. Attention is being measured so recognition can be. The key is context. In what context is the object givenContinue reading “Attention, Recognition & Context”