You can’t stop the signal.

I have been spending alot of time thinking about the notes on Linda Stone’s article at Supernova 2005. I’ve decided to put my thoughts up here rather than refine them any further. The article goes from the position of needing to “Filter the NOISE from the SIGNAL” at the start of the article to “FilterContinue reading “You can’t stop the signal.”

post-multitasking adaptive behaviour

Continuous partial attention is a post-multitasking adaptive behaviour. This is a quote from Linda Stone‘s address at the Supernova Conference earlier this year. YOU MUST read the whole article here. This is NOT an option. As you’d hear on a Dave Slusher EGC podcast intro. – “You should listen to this because this concerns you“.Continue reading “post-multitasking adaptive behaviour”

Technorati & ConnectingUp

Further to my previous post, Technorati now has a Tag for ConnetingUp2006. You can plug this feed address into your RSS reader : I’ve also created a category here on my blog for all connectingup2006 posts, so you can choose that from under the categories on my blog web site. Technorati Tag for cu06Continue reading “Technorati & ConnectingUp”

Feedburner FeedFlare add-ons

Was wandering around Bloglines and came across this in the Mashable blog about some new features in Feedburner. I use Feedburner so added them to my Lifekludger blog. Check out the Lifekludger feed and see what you think. Look for the links at the bottom of each post. From the Feedburner blog: FeedFlare is initiallyContinue reading “Feedburner FeedFlare add-ons”

Is sticky icky?

Doc Searles writes on Friday, December 9, 2005 …… There’s an ‘icky’ in ‘sticky’. Just a thought. …… He doesn’t eloborate on icky comment. But I sense a derogatory meaning. Perhaps he’s referring to ‘sticky’ having the connotation of being stuck, therefore not moving or ‘distributed’. Who knows. I wish he’d elaborate.