Lifekludger Links Weekly #9

Bit late this week…. # » GUIDe: Gaze-enhanced User Interface Design Eyegaze softwarec from Stanford. Aimed at being a mouse replacement. Still requires keyboard activation. Wonder how it would work with voice activation to replace required keyboard functions. # » Sophisticated Circuits PowerKey Pro Model 650 PowerKey Pro 650 – USB controlled power board (MacContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #9”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #8

» Optimus-103 Configurator looking good, still without its hardware – Engadget The ultimate interface device, in a keyboard? # » Strap a pill box to your cellphone Great idea. Could use it hanging anywhere… Why are all these good ideas only in Japan? Not such a small, flat world after all. # » Sign languageContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #8”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #7

# » : Japan revolutionizes the whistling keychain Reminders for people with disorders that affect memory. # » ThinkGeek :: Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Alarm clock for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. # » Bed Tray | Bed Table By LapDawgâ„¢ – Portably Convenient Great for accessing aContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #7”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #6

# » Lifetimer – I Want One Of Those Could program these to countdown to events needed to remember like taking medication or important appointments, for people with disabilities or disorders that effect memory retention. # » Popgadget: Take A Call In The Bath A waterproof phone. Gotta be usefull for some particular uses exceptContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #6”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #5

# » ZiPhone II brings fancy biz features to your cheap-ass VoIP calls Finally…maybe a solution to using the computer for phone calls that’s cheap and works. [via Engadget] # » Kodak envisions edible RFID tags for medical purposes, light snacks Interesting concept for diagnosis maybe. [via Engadget] # » Wake up with Clocky IContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #5”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #4

# » Voice control for Xbox 360 with Media Center Communicator v3 More of the spin-off from the commoditisation of home automation which is good for doing life with a disability. # » T-Press automatically irons your trousers My lazy carers who don’t like ironing could use this! # » Eli Lilly offering up undercoverContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #4”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #3

# » Overview of Domia Lite Shutdown multiple devices with one switch. Maybe a off-the-shelf soltion for partial environmental control. [via] # » SmartShopper – grocery list assistant Handy for a limited comminicator typedevice. Provided the add-on space for specific words is large enough. [via] # » Cordgo – No more tangled cords! Extra cableContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #3”

Lifekludger Links Weekly #2

# » Eropod adjustable workstation Height adjustable workstation: ideal for standing, seated or supine work positions. Could use for over bed. # » One Click Butter Cutter Mmm…useful for arthritic hands. Wonder if it would cut cheese too. # » Belkin : laptop@home Good designs for laptops that looks to have some features that couldContinue reading “Lifekludger Links Weekly #2”