Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again

Here I am again reporting on the PDA-Bluetooth issues I’ve alluded to in previous posts and written about in a paper about mobile technologies for people with a disability. As a result of that I’ve pointed my feed reader over at the A hugely indepth article about the technical problems of why it’s soContinue reading “Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again”

XEG, the mobile phone pad

I’m not sure exactly what functions of a mobile telephone this controls (aside from the games, obviously) but if it controls more than just games, one of these type mobile phone extenders could prove handy for accessing those phones with tiny buttons. You can see a lot of close-up images from the link below. viaContinue reading “XEG, the mobile phone pad”

Thunderbird’s QuickText

There’s a great extension for the equally great open source email program, Thunderbird called QuickText. This bit of software is installed in Thunderbird and acts like a macro typing device that can input long pieces of text with few keystrokes or the click of a button. QuickText is especially for email as it can recognizeContinue reading “Thunderbird’s QuickText”

Blob and Lifekludger in Temple U roundup

Temple Uni does a good Disability Blogs Roundup and this blog and Lifekludger get a wrap in roundup #4… Disability Blogs Roundup, #4 I’ll start the roundup this month with a welcome to some new disability-related blogs. Australian David N. Wallace has put up TWO: blob is his personal blog, and LifeKludger is specifically forContinue reading “Blob and Lifekludger in Temple U roundup”

Technology is not the problem – getting it is

The Angry Gimp is angry with people telling her she’ll walk again. Here’s a synopsis worth scrolling down for! People, quit telling me I’ll walk again. Save that for Christopher Reeve’s cronies. The world already has everything in it that I need to be incredibly independent and happy. Too bad it’s so out of reach.Continue reading “Technology is not the problem – getting it is”

Colourfull keyboard

These coloured keyboards are aimed at the childrens market. I wonder though if they could be useful for anyone with colour perception issues or who might require some added visual clues to assist with typing. The culours offer great contrast and the grouping of similar function keys by colour could help with association and usability.Continue reading “Colourfull keyboard”

Motor bike with hand controls

Check this website out. This 21yo engineering student from WA has developed a motor bike with hand controls that can be used by a paraplegic or anyone without lower limb function. The thing I really like about this is the design parameter included aesthetics with the bikle having ‘minimal modification look’. He even ended upContinue reading “Motor bike with hand controls”