Retro LED Watch

Take me back to the 70s! This cool looking retro watch caught my attention the other day. It’s a watch with the old LEDs for the numbers that would give anyone old enough to remember the first calculators a warm glow inside them – c’mon, admit it! The thought I had was how much easierContinue reading “Retro LED Watch”

OS X and Powerbooks make life easier on the eyes

Anyone who knows me will know I started my life with computers with a 128k Mac in 1984. My work, revolving around Windows boxes has dragged me away from my first-love, and as work just sprung for another new Box, it’s not likely they’ll spring for a Mac as well. So unless I get aContinue reading “OS X and Powerbooks make life easier on the eyes”

The perfect productivity tools

The Lifehacker was reporting on what tools she uses everyday. In addition to using Yahoo! Calendar as detailed previously, I carry around a 70 sheet spiral notebook with a cardboard cover which cost about a buck at the local drugstore. In it I write down my daily to-do’s and project lists. I manually transfer itemsContinue reading “The perfect productivity tools”