People who give a damn!

This post started as an email reply to Frank Arrigo. Frank was kindly answering another of my questions about Bluetooth and PDA interoperability. My response evolved however into something that really needs to be more widely heard, hence I’m posting it here. > Unfortunately the news isn’t good > > I haven’t been able toContinue reading “People who give a damn!”

Bluetooth & My PDA – my ongoing saga

Over at Frank Arrigo’s blog he has the low down on a kludge to get VoiceCommand to take commands straight from a BT headset. frankarr – an aussie microsoft blogger : K-JAM, Microsoft Voice Command, Bluetooth earpiece and a registry hack Longtime readers will know the ongoing battle I’ve had with this BT stuff onContinue reading “Bluetooth & My PDA – my ongoing saga”

The perfect productivity tools

The Lifehacker was reporting on what tools she uses everyday. In addition to using Yahoo! Calendar as detailed previously, I carry around a 70 sheet spiral notebook with a cardboard cover which cost about a buck at the local drugstore. In it I write down my daily to-do’s and project lists. I manually transfer itemsContinue reading “The perfect productivity tools”

Thunderbird’s QuickText

There’s a great extension for the equally great open source email program, Thunderbird called QuickText. This bit of software is installed in Thunderbird and acts like a macro typing device that can input long pieces of text with few keystrokes or the click of a button. QuickText is especially for email as it can recognizeContinue reading “Thunderbird’s QuickText”