Siri Shortcuts stands to be a boon for people living with disability

I watched the Apple WWDC presentation this morning and was excited to see the announcement of Shortcuts. Siri Shortcuts Streamline the things you do often with shortcuts. Siri can now intelligently pair your daily routines with third-party apps to suggest convenient shortcuts right when you need them. So if you typically pick up a coffeeContinue reading “Siri Shortcuts stands to be a boon for people living with disability”

In search of the Ubiquitous Mouthstick

Mick (email on request) sent me this very pertinent email the other day about the un-ubiquitous nature of mouthsticks. Lads is it just me or do we all use any given mouth-stick for a broad variety of tasks? I ask because I find that many of the solutions offered for a specific issue -in thisContinue reading “In search of the Ubiquitous Mouthstick”

The Great Automatic Light Saga or How to control a WeMo light from your PC

Summary: Control a lamp with a script on your PC via WiFi and a WeMo Switch This is going to get a bit convoluted so try and stick with me. I moved house the end of last year and, as happens every time, I left behind all the alterations and small tweaks I’d done toContinue reading “The Great Automatic Light Saga or How to control a WeMo light from your PC”

Ray Ozzie knows about Mouthsticks … do you?

Wired recently ran an article about Microsoft CEO Ray Ozzie. One incident in particular introduced Ozzie to the magic that comes when people connect via computer. He had taken a part-time assignment helping a professor finish writing some courseware. The prof lived on the other side of town, so Ozzie collaborated with him remotely. OzzieContinue reading “Ray Ozzie knows about Mouthsticks … do you?”

Lifekludger does ARATA08 Conference

‘Assistive Technology – creating value through participation’ conference by Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) at the convention centre in Adelaide, South Australia. I was  encouraged by Hugh Stewart, from the School of Occpational Therapy at UNISA to present a paper on what I’ve been doing online and around social media with AT –Continue reading “Lifekludger does ARATA08 Conference”

Talking about Tools to OTs

The group of Occupational Therapy students at UNISA I spoke with yesterday about how to use tools to do life with disability. The course title is “Enabling Occupation” Occupation being any activity in this case. I like to simplify that to mean “Helping to do stuff”. Which ain’t a bad definition of what a toolContinue reading “Talking about Tools to OTs”

Mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth with a disability.

Photo by agg.alex Operating Mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth with a disability. I often get questions about different devices and things via email. I will as much as possible answer these publicly here so we all can benefit from each other’s experiences via comments etc. So if ever you write email to me and don’tContinue reading “Mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth with a disability.”

Lifekludger in Sydney Morning Herald

November 23, 2006 LiveWire “Quadriplegic, podcaster and blogger Dave Wallace tells Fran Molloy how he uses technology.” Sydney Morning Herald I woke early today and wandering around my feed reader found my interview article has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald online site overnight. Will wander physically down street later and see if it madeContinue reading “Lifekludger in Sydney Morning Herald”