You Can Do Astronomy – Accessible Astronomy

Noreen Grice is the Founder and President of You Can Do Astronomy LLC. She’s an astronomy educator who is determined to make the universe more accessible for everyone and reaching more people about options for sharing the wonders of the night sky through mobility, non-visual, non-verbal communication and non-hearing access and in developing specialized environmentsContinue reading “You Can Do Astronomy – Accessible Astronomy”

BreathBird : Breath activated scanning input comes to iPad

Techcrunch report on the (free) BreathBird twitter app for the iPad. BreathBird employs the well honed concept of ‘scanning‘ that’s been used for alternate input selection on software like on-screen scanning keyboards for years and applies it in a fresh way to this iPad app, using breath as the trigger rather than a switch. I’mContinue reading “BreathBird : Breath activated scanning input comes to iPad”

Conductive Touch Capable Mouthstick from a Japanese “Liver” (Reader)

A couple weeks ago I received a tweet from @yukitake99 that he found Lifekludger blog helpful and he was going to try make a mouthstick for iPhone. Seems he’d been looking at some of the stuff I’d been sharing about the “Touch Barrier” and ways to work around it. It’s always a buzz to makeContinue reading “Conductive Touch Capable Mouthstick from a Japanese “Liver” (Reader)”

One Touch Automatic Jar Opener

The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener is made to make life easier in the kitchen for those without the strength or with any weakness or disability. Will open all kinds of jars at the touch of a button. It is fully automatic, just attach it to a jar and press the button. Operates on 2xAAContinue reading “One Touch Automatic Jar Opener”

Kind Reminder – for people with Alzheimer’s

The Kind Reminder is a recorder that can be worn around the neck as a necklace or just kept close by. When the patient has a moment of disorientation, they can press the button on the recorder and the voice of their caretaker will play. The website says the product is designed for people withContinue reading “Kind Reminder – for people with Alzheimer’s”

Story of ‘good will’ highlights Lifekludger concept – Santa Cruz Sentinel

This story from the Santa Cruz Sentinel shows the power of connection and what can be achieved when a Maker (Jon Bjornstad, a Santa Cruz freelance computer programmer) is backed by a Giver (Roy and Ana Cook of Saratoga) to help a Liver (Karadole, a paralyzed woman who lives in Croatia) – with the endContinue reading “Story of ‘good will’ highlights Lifekludger concept – Santa Cruz Sentinel”

The Social Internet as Social Assistive Device

The social web offers a means of engagement that trascends the technology and transforms lives. Strangely or not, I tend not to see myself as disabled. Maybe that’s why I tend to focus on sharing more about what I’m doing than who I am or what I think about disability specific things – whatever thoseContinue reading “The Social Internet as Social Assistive Device”

Voice Activated iPod Controller

I once had one of these ‘fat nano’ ipods. Had to sell it as I couldn’t use it due to the touch nature of the ipod control wheel. Now if I’d had one of these devices that controls the basic functions of the ipod by voice I would’ve been set. [Voice Activated iPod Controller] viaContinue reading “Voice Activated iPod Controller”