Resistive Multitouch Touchscreen tech

Touchco was a New York company that, according to it’s now closed website title, was developing “IFSR* multi-touch resistive sensors”.  It has now reportedly ben bought by Amazon. The impressive thing about this technology is this. “Unlike the more common and more expensive capacitive touchscreens, Touchco-equipped screens can be used with a stylus as easilyContinue reading “Resistive Multitouch Touchscreen tech”

Etre Touchy – Gloves for your iPhone etc

Call me a heretic, but surely there’s got to be something inherently awry (not to say anything about accessibility) with a device that has to have specialised, modified clothing for humans to use it! Just sayin. [Etre Touchy – Gloves for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, Blackberry, PDA and more…] —

Do RIM’s optical trackpads offer Accessible Alternative to “Skin” Touch?

It seems RIM’s ‘optical pad’ technology could offer hope for the “touch barrier” that exists with the requirement for skin to touch the capacitive type pads that dominate todays gadgets. Thinking about how your phone’s touchscreen operates, you might assume that the so-called optical pads that have been making appearances on recent BlackBerrys (among otherContinue reading “Do RIM’s optical trackpads offer Accessible Alternative to “Skin” Touch?”

Pressure Sensitive Multitouch pads to come

An article in Technology Review reveals development of pressure sensitive touch pads that could be used on future generation devices. Why is this Lifekludger newsworthy? Because the pads are reported to combine features of both kinds of existing touch pads. To me, this might mean some breaking down of the Touch Barrier and the seemingContinue reading “Pressure Sensitive Multitouch pads to come”

Dasher – Single Finger Alternative Text Input

A video demo of Dasher. A single finger interface that allows you to enter text without a keyboard. Dasher is free software, and it works in all languages, and on many platforms.   Keyboards are inefficient for two reasons: they do not exploit the redundancy in normal … all » language; and they waste the fineContinue reading “Dasher – Single Finger Alternative Text Input”

Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?

Reuters reported last month on Apple ordering larger touch screens: Taiwan touchscreen specialist Wintek already makes small screens for Apple iPhones, and has received orders for the larger ones that are roughly the same size as those used in mini PCs – [] I bet you’ll still need skin! Source [Apple orders 10-inch touchscreens forContinue reading “Will Apple’s 10-inch touchscreens still need skin?”

ASUS Eee Top launched – clever, appropriate use of Touch

ASUS are the smart cookies. They virtually started the consumer Netbook phenomenon with the affordable, linux based, eee pc. Now they release a stylish, all-in-one device with a Touch screen that’s based on XP obviously targeted at friendly family use at, hopefully, a competitive price – the ASUS Top. The screen must be resistive typeContinue reading “ASUS Eee Top launched – clever, appropriate use of Touch”

Revisiting touch on the OLPC XO laptop and hardware access design

“Accessibility is about accommodating characteristics a person cannot change by providing options” — Joe Clarke, 2001 * An outline * some ideas in olpc first look was promising * accessibility and usability are hardware issues too * accessibility should venture out of the online space into hardware design Last year I had a first lookContinue reading “Revisiting touch on the OLPC XO laptop and hardware access design”