BreathBird : Breath activated scanning input comes to iPad

Techcrunch report on the (free) BreathBird twitter app for the iPad. BreathBird employs the well honed concept of ‘scanning‘ that’s been used for alternate input selection on software like on-screen scanning keyboards for years and applies it in a fresh way to this iPad app, using breath as the trigger rather than a switch. I’mContinue reading “BreathBird : Breath activated scanning input comes to iPad”

Blow scrolling

Wired Gadget Lab has the full report on a breath-enabled interface recently shown at CES. To scroll blow steadily. To click, blow a forceful puff. Using ‘suck, puff, blow’ switches is nothing new in the area of  Assistive Technology but seeing them developed as alternative options for ‘mainstream’ Joe Public is. Wired thinks that “TheContinue reading “Blow scrolling”

Puff activated kick pedal mod for Guitar Hero

Ben Heck has modded the kick pedal on the drums of guitar hero so it can be operated by puff of the mouth by someone who uses a wheelchair.   Ben shows exactly how he went about the awesome mod over on his blog in a post here. This is a brilliant example ofContinue reading “Puff activated kick pedal mod for Guitar Hero”