The touch barrier — responses

After my previous post about the “Touch Barrier” as referring to the inherent issues of the pervasive use of touch technologies I had some good responses. @lucychili pointed me to work Peter Hutterer is doing with MPX Laurel wrote a blog post “Disabilities social networks games” pointing to a article DISABLED GAMERS’ COMPRISE 20% OFContinue reading “The touch barrier — responses”

The Touch Barrier – Accessibility and usability issues around touch technologies

I’m Worried. Worried about recent technology developments – actually the application of one technology in particular – touch. In this instance, when I say ‘touch’ I’m referring to devices requiring skin – a finger as opposed to a stylus – ala the iPhone and nearly every laptop on the market. For the past 60% ofContinue reading “The Touch Barrier – Accessibility and usability issues around touch technologies”

Bluetooth Wireless Input Pen

SMK Corp developed “Wireless Input Pen,” which can transmit characters written in the air and displays them on a monitor. According to SMK, it is the world’s first pen-type device that can transmit characters written in the air to a monitor … I caught this via a story on Engadget. Engadget mention the pen canContinue reading “Bluetooth Wireless Input Pen”

Mind control interface a near reality

Be interesting to see what practical applications this device from Emotiv can be put to use as. There’s some discussion on the Facebook Emotivated Group discussion around using it for computer control by those with a disability. I’m looking forward to being able to walk in second life, and fly, by thinking with it. 🙂Continue reading “Mind control interface a near reality”

Pointui – touch for when you don’t have fingers – acting agnostic

Recently I was made aware of a program called Pointui while scanning Frank Arrigo’s blog (hi Frank). I thought it sounded interesting if for no other reason than the screenshot looked to provide bigger buttons. So I visited the Pointui site. Pointui is a interface layer for Windows Mobile based devices. It adds larger iconsContinue reading “Pointui – touch for when you don’t have fingers – acting agnostic”

XBox 360 Controller for Mac OSX

Came across this neat little project that could be an alternate input device. Not sure if it could double as mouse and gaes controller, or just games.  “…a USB driver which allows you to use wired XBox 360 Controllers via USB, and wireless XBox 360 Controllers via the Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows, on yourContinue reading “XBox 360 Controller for Mac OSX”