Microsoft release Kinect for Windows

Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows. Basically, it’s designed expressly for hacking. The Kinect for Windows can reliably ‘see’ objects 40 cm (16 in) away, and supports up to four Kinects connected to the same computer. Source: via David N on Pinterest

Mobile Phone Physicality and Inverse Feedback for Input

Thought: Feedback can be turned to alternative input if inverted. Fabian Hemmert does research through and about design and creates projects like¬†shape-changing-mobiles, weight-shifting-mobiles, breathing and pulsating ambient-life mobile device feedback. The mobile concepts are designed to provide different feedback mechanisms that are physical. I’ve often written about the importance of feedback when operating all mannerContinue reading “Mobile Phone Physicality and Inverse Feedback for Input”

Motion control “in-air pointing” with the Loop

While touted as a “mouse for your TV,” the Loop combines motion control with the familiarity feel of a mouse packaged in to an ergonomically friendly circular design. Control the Loop pointer using four buttons and scroll wheel. Further more though is the motion control. Freespace motion control technology allows “in-air pointing” – by movingContinue reading “Motion control “in-air pointing” with the Loop”