Tongue Control

clipped from For Immediate Release June 30, 2008 A new assistive technology developed by engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology could help individuals with severe disabilities lead more independent lives. The novel system allows individuals with disabilities to operate a computer, control a powered wheelchair and interact with their environments simply by movingContinue reading “Tongue Control”

Alarm backup power from phone lines?

I came across this site called It’s a how-to style video sharing site with heaps of neat tricks and tips. This video below got me thinking about emergency backup sources for such things as alarms etc. Watch it to the end. How to Get Free Electricity Watch more DIY videos on reading “Alarm backup power from phone lines?”

Unforseen custom uses for Wii as input device

There exists assistive technology devices that use tracking of a reflective dot by infrared to control a computer. They cost in vacinity on USD $4-500. Now take a look at this video and think about the unforseen possibilities of general purpose ‘stuff’. And what happens with mass market uptake and the effect it has onContinue reading “Unforseen custom uses for Wii as input device”

PowerSwitch kludging by Dave Faxon

Lifekludger correspondant Dave Faxon sent in this report on some mods he’s been doing on remote control access of power outlets. Dave first came to my attention when we were talking about the USB PowerBar when he, amongst many others, contacted me, everyone seeking such a device that has control of power outlets via USB.Continue reading “PowerSwitch kludging by Dave Faxon”