Wheelchair-accessible version of the NYC Taxi

A universal, accessible taxi fleet is something to aspire to, and IMHO Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push to standardize the NY city’s taxi fleet with a single, universal vehicle is to be applauded. This Nissan vehicle looks the ticket. Though I ‘m not sure how most electric wheelchairs would fit in lengthwise. I look forward to seeingContinue reading “Wheelchair-accessible version of the NYC Taxi”

Webcam Swiper – swipe your hand to turn pages

Found this neat experiment that you point your webcam at yourself and swipe your hand left or right to turn the pages of the book.   It’s called the Webcam Swiper.   Chrome is the only stable browser which supports webcam access at this time, but Firefox nightly builds supposedly have it too.   Webcam Swiper – http://iambrandonn.github.com/WebcamSwiper/Continue reading “Webcam Swiper – swipe your hand to turn pages”

3D-printed, individually designed prosthetic legs

[wp_youtube]fir5HI0Gwrc[/wp_youtube] What I love about this is how the people feel re-connected with themselves. 3D-printed, individually designed prosthetic legs that are unabashedly artificial and completely personal. Source: http://pinterest.com/pin/69031806758345278/ via Lifekludger on Pinterest

Wireless Foot Mouse

Flip Flop Mouse “The Toe Mouse is especially designed for those who have upper limbs disability and cannot use their hands to move the mouse. This ergonomically designed gadget uses our natural ability to grip between the toes, for manipulating the Mouse. You need to slip it on, between the big toe and second, justContinue reading “Wireless Foot Mouse”

Apple keyboard & touch pad tray

The Combine collective is a group of like minded artists working together to achieve a common goal. They have come out with these stylish keyboard trays, designed to combine the mac wireless keyboard and trackpad into one clean unit. It occurred to me that this idea could be good for people requiring a way ofContinue reading “Apple keyboard & touch pad tray”

Just5 Simple features Mobile Phone

Just5 Mobile phones take the less is more approach with a phone ideally aimed at older persons and those with a disability with a phone that boasts 5 simple features: 1. Big Buttons : These big buttons really do make a difference. Easy to dial even without putting on glasses. 2. Ease of Operation :Continue reading “Just5 Simple features Mobile Phone”

Dagi Transparent Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

Isn’t it interesting how we are seeing more and more uses where there’s a need for a stylus on these capacitive touch screens? Just when everyone thinks Steve Jobs has liberated them to the freedom of the finger, it seems we aren’t so free after all and that maybe other forms of pointing can beContinue reading “Dagi Transparent Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens”

One problem with Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

iPhone Hacks blog has the low down on the problems of styluses on capacitive touch screens in a post titled New Apple Patent Talks about Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens. The relevant bit: According to the inventors, modern day capacitive touch sensors are not optimized to receive inputs from styluses. This is because, unlike aContinue reading “One problem with Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens”

Open-Source Hardware for Prosthetics

Scientific American has an article about the Open Prosthetics Project. The Open Prosthetics Project has applied the “open source” model to the design of inexpensive prosthetic hands and arms that a small demand can still support. The designs are free for anyone to use. This is an exiting project to me as it’s an example of whatContinue reading “Open-Source Hardware for Prosthetics”

Phone designed for the Blind shows importance of feedback

SENS concept phone. by Japanese designer, Takumi Yoshida I’ve written previously about the importance of the correct type of feedback for input, especially when one or more of your senses fail you. This SENS phone uses a combination of tactile sensors and audio feedback to the user. When a person key is pressed the phoneContinue reading “Phone designed for the Blind shows importance of feedback”