Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again

Here I am again reporting on the PDA-Bluetooth issues I’ve alluded to in previous posts and written about in a paper about mobile technologies for people with a disability. As a result of that I’ve pointed my feed reader over at the A hugely indepth article about the technical problems of why it’s soContinue reading “Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again”

XEG, the mobile phone pad

I’m not sure exactly what functions of a mobile telephone this controls (aside from the games, obviously) but if it controls more than just games, one of these type mobile phone extenders could prove handy for accessing those phones with tiny buttons. You can see a lot of close-up images from the link below. viaContinue reading “XEG, the mobile phone pad”

Podcast University

This article from Newsday outlines how over at Purdue University the students are gettig into using podcasts. Digital recordings of lectures allow college students with MP3 players to catch lessons or just catch up wherever and whenever they want. This is excellent example of lifekludging using existing (if not emerging) technology applied to a lifestyleContinue reading “Podcast University”