Emporia Life Phone info sought

Back here I wrote about the Emporia Life Phone. The other day I got an email asking me about where to get one in Australia, which it appears you can’t. Can anyone help shelly? Are you listening Emporia? shelly wrote: EMPORIA PHONE These are not available in Australia at present and nobody I have spokenContinue reading “Emporia Life Phone info sought”

More simple cell phones for life

emporia have a great statement on their site which states: What is simple will be understood. What is understood generates relevance. I came across these phones made by emporia via Popgadget blog. They reminded me of my observations made in an earlier post where I see that simpler interfaces for devices that hide the convergenceContinue reading “More simple cell phones for life”

Bluetooth & My PDA – my ongoing saga

Over at Frank Arrigo’s blog he has the low down on a kludge to get VoiceCommand to take commands straight from a BT headset. frankarr – an aussie microsoft blogger : K-JAM, Microsoft Voice Command, Bluetooth earpiece and a registry hack Longtime readers will know the ongoing battle I’ve had with this BT stuff onContinue reading “Bluetooth & My PDA – my ongoing saga”