Working Touch Screen Netbook running Mac OSX

Now folks we are talking about something I want and would actually be able to use. Compact, Mac OSX and a Resistive touch screen allowing me to control the cursor as I couldn’t o this device and can’t with the current track pads all Macs have. I couldn’t find out who did this, but ifContinue reading “Working Touch Screen Netbook running Mac OSX”

Dave the Lifekludger gets a mention by Mark Pesce on New Inventors

Over a month back I mentioned in a blog post titled “Mind control interface a near reality” the Epoc Headset, being developed by Emotiv. The other day on the New Inventors on the ABC here in Australia my friend Mark Pesce gives a shoutoput to me. Ref 1min in.

Pointui – touch for when you don’t have fingers – acting agnostic

Recently I was made aware of a program called Pointui while scanning Frank Arrigo’s blog (hi Frank). I thought it sounded interesting if for no other reason than the screenshot looked to provide bigger buttons. So I visited the Pointui site. Pointui is a interface layer for Windows Mobile based devices. It adds larger iconsContinue reading “Pointui – touch for when you don’t have fingers – acting agnostic”

XBox 360 Controller for Mac OSX

Came across this neat little project that could be an alternate input device. Not sure if it could double as mouse and gaes controller, or just games.  “…a USB driver which allows you to use wired XBox 360 Controllers via USB, and wireless XBox 360 Controllers via the Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows, on yourContinue reading “XBox 360 Controller for Mac OSX”

Unforseen custom uses for Wii as input device

There exists assistive technology devices that use tracking of a reflective dot by infrared to control a computer. They cost in vacinity on USD $4-500. Now take a look at this video and think about the unforseen possibilities of general purpose ‘stuff’. And what happens with mass market uptake and the effect it has onContinue reading “Unforseen custom uses for Wii as input device”

Phone Fingers – Solution for ‘no finger’ touch?

I’ve been under a rock. Just decided pop my head out and saw that these Phone Fingers had been released. Immediately I thought that this may at long last be the answer to the problems I have using anything that requires a finger skin to operate it. I’m off to order some and see howContinue reading “Phone Fingers – Solution for ‘no finger’ touch?”

The Digital Pencil – finally a solution to the touch pad finger-only issue

Finally, someone has tackled the problem inherent with ‘finger touch’ devices that I’ve written about before a few times. SUCK UK has developed a Touch Pad stylus, designed as a stubby little pencil, to use on those finger touch devices becoming so prevalent. Popgadget reports: Made from a “special space age” silicone material that exactlyContinue reading “The Digital Pencil – finally a solution to the touch pad finger-only issue”

Mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth with a disability.

Photo by agg.alex Operating Mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth with a disability. I often get questions about different devices and things via email. I will as much as possible answer these publicly here so we all can benefit from each other’s experiences via comments etc. So if ever you write email to me and don’tContinue reading “Mobile phones, PDAs and Bluetooth with a disability.”