Emotiv EPOC Headset Hacked

Back in 2008 on this blog I reported on Emotiv epoc headset development and flagged its potential for thought control input. A few days ago H+ magazine blog featured an interview with Cody Brocious Cody Brocious has created Cody’s Emokit project, an open source library for reading data directly from the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset.Continue reading “Emotiv EPOC Headset Hacked”

Keyboard Navigation extension for Chrome

Came across an interesting, potentially useful tip on a extension for the Chrome web browser called “Keyboard Navigation“, on the excellent blog makeuseof.com. From the blog: The extension defines a hot key (,) which places a hint next to every link on the page that can be clicked. While the hint is displayed, key inContinue reading “Keyboard Navigation extension for Chrome”

Whamberry Handsized Keyboard/Trackpad

The Whamberry is great mini keyboard/input pad that connects to your computer simply with a USB plug-in dongle. It is wireless and can be used more than 30 feet (10m) away from your computer. You can control the cursor using the touch-pad that is built-in or type with the full keyboard. The size of theContinue reading “Whamberry Handsized Keyboard/Trackpad”

Etre Touchy – Gloves for your iPhone etc

Call me a heretic, but surely there’s got to be something inherently awry (not to say anything about accessibility) with a device that has to have specialised, modified clothing for humans to use it! Just sayin. [Etre Touchy – Gloves for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo DS, Blackberry, PDA and more…] —

Story of ‘good will’ highlights Lifekludger concept – Santa Cruz Sentinel

This story from the Santa Cruz Sentinel shows the power of connection and what can be achieved when a Maker (Jon Bjornstad, a Santa Cruz freelance computer programmer) is backed by a Giver (Roy and Ana Cook of Saratoga) to help a Liver (Karadole, a paralyzed woman who lives in Croatia) – with the endContinue reading “Story of ‘good will’ highlights Lifekludger concept – Santa Cruz Sentinel”

Motion control “in-air pointing” with the Loop

While touted as a “mouse for your TV,” the Loop combines motion control with the familiarity feel of a mouse packaged in to an ergonomically friendly circular design. Control the Loop pointer using four buttons and scroll wheel. Further more though is the motion control. Freespace motion control technology allows “in-air pointing” – by movingContinue reading “Motion control “in-air pointing” with the Loop”

Colour-coded Keyboard & Mouse

This keyboard has color coded keys to teach consonants vs. vowels in order to assist kids become better spellers as well as different colors for the control keys and numbers.. I figure the extra visual feedback offered by the colour coding on this keyboard has to have additional application in areas involving cognition. [Via: ThinkGeekContinue reading “Colour-coded Keyboard & Mouse”

Revisiting touch on the OLPC XO laptop and hardware access design

“Accessibility is about accommodating characteristics a person cannot change by providing options” — Joe Clarke, 2001 * An outline * some ideas in olpc first look was promising * accessibility and usability are hardware issues too * accessibility should venture out of the online space into hardware design Last year I had a first lookContinue reading “Revisiting touch on the OLPC XO laptop and hardware access design”