People don’t scale, People Networks do.

I read with interest my good mate, Hugo Ortega’s UberTablet blog. Hugo was the very first guest on our Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast and, outside of my regular colleagues, has been the single biggest supporter of my Lifekludger endeavours, and indeed myself, in a substantial way – providing equipment to try with my mouthstick especially.Continue reading “People don’t scale, People Networks do.”

Lifekludger and Munge brothers geek out.

Just had a visit from Nick Hodge and Mike Seyfang. You’ll know Mike as my co-host and co-hort in all things geeky and new media and Nick is from Microsoft Channel 10 and start_geek. We were doing some geeking out while Nick shot some video and tell my geek story. Keep an eye out forContinue reading “Lifekludger and Munge brothers geek out.”