Travel Second Life hands free

Lots of new and interesting input and interface devices being developed it seems lately. Lets hope we can see some real world uses for access to technology evolving from them. Mitch Kapor (from Linden Labs Board) and Philippe Bossut designed a prototype interface that demonstrates the possibilities for operating Second Life “hands free” without aContinue reading “Travel Second Life hands free”

Turn phone into walking radar to detect physical spaces

The “Walking Radar” project connects up a Basic Stamp and IR sensor to your cell phone in order to detect objects in the environment and influence games on the device or trigger SMS messages to be sent. [Make] It occurred to me this gadget if hooked up to the vibration part of your phone couldContinue reading “Turn phone into walking radar to detect physical spaces”

Pointui – touch for when you don’t have fingers – acting agnostic

Recently I was made aware of a program called Pointui while scanning Frank Arrigo’s blog (hi Frank). I thought it sounded interesting if for no other reason than the screenshot looked to provide bigger buttons. So I visited the Pointui site. Pointui is a interface layer for Windows Mobile based devices. It adds larger iconsContinue reading “Pointui – touch for when you don’t have fingers – acting agnostic”

Unforseen custom uses for Wii as input device

There exists assistive technology devices that use tracking of a reflective dot by infrared to control a computer. They cost in vacinity on USD $4-500. Now take a look at this video and think about the unforseen possibilities of general purpose ‘stuff’. And what happens with mass market uptake and the effect it has onContinue reading “Unforseen custom uses for Wii as input device”

Thinking about Three Levels of Technology Access

Overview: * Getting hold of technology, operating it and getting value from it are challenges when the mode of access falls outside the intended design parameters. * Access to technology needs to start with a person focus not a technology focus. * Gaps in access should be approached from the bottom up with an opennessContinue reading “Thinking about Three Levels of Technology Access”