Why the tragedy of life?

“You can’t be happy. You can’t be complete. You can’t know what you could withstand. You can’t have any proper sense of self respect unless you know what you can tolerate. And if you avoid everything that you have reason to avoid, but should nonetheless not avoid, you won’t know who you are and thenContinue reading “Why the tragedy of life?”

The Parent’s Guide to a Minecraft Server for your kids

A friend of mine posted on facebook wondering if anyone knew about running a Minecraft server, predominantly for her son. Me and my son have been through the experience and we’ve come up against a few hurdles we had to overcome. I thought it might be useful to share what we’ve done. So here itContinue reading “The Parent’s Guide to a Minecraft Server for your kids”

Network learning – Social Media helps us learn

Some interesting thoughts in an article titled “Social Media’s Effect on Learning” over on a WSJ Blog. Some snippets: “Bilingual people aren’t cognitively smarter, but they are more cognitively flexible,” “Practice at constant switching improves an aspect of their cognitive abilities.” “This is much like what people do when they’re updating their Twitter status, instant-messagingContinue reading “Network learning – Social Media helps us learn”