The bricks came down

Mohandas Gandi is quoted as saying: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win” when describing the stages of establishment resistence to a winning strategy of nonviolent activism. If you’ve been reading, or better still, listening to the Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast, you’ll know I’ve been battlingContinue reading “The bricks came down”

Craigslist, Second Life and the law – disability, society and openness.

I see via and outlined over on that the net community is struggling with issues of discrimination with a law suit that’s been filed against the popular online classifieds site, Craigslist. To fill you in from Google,, AOL and Yahoo are helping defend online peer Craigslist against a lawsuit that wouldContinue reading “Craigslist, Second Life and the law – disability, society and openness.”

Darwin – getting there is half the fun.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Put another way, you could say things are generally the same here in Darwin as home in Adelaide – aside from the obvious one, the weather. There are differences obviously – but the weather really seems to be the only big difference. There’s still theContinue reading “Darwin – getting there is half the fun.”

The business is about the people!

Okay, caught a glimpse of a link (of the web ‘hyper’ kind) that got my mind linking (of the cerebral kind) all these things together. I’m gonna try and get them down before the latter (cerebral) ones give out on me. Follow the links (web) and try to keep up with my thoughts. I wroteContinue reading “The business is about the people!”

Empowering a conversation based on Focused Intention

Caught up with Dr Lloyd Walker today. He was in at where I work with some 5th year biomedical engineering students he gives lectures to about rehabilitation engineering so he dropped by my office. We were talking about the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid and the desire to engage people with disabilities, and those whomContinue reading “Empowering a conversation based on Focused Intention”

Wanted – virtual address

The government should forget trying to get tourists to come to Australia by using the ad slogan “So where the bloody hell are you?” – you can’t even get bloody books down here! The following is a direct crosspost from my Lifekludger blog. If you get the impression I’m not happy… you are right! VirtualContinue reading “Wanted – virtual address”

Enableblogs – beginnings

Things happen so fast in this Web2.0 world it sometimes makes my head spin. If you’d looked closely at my Flicker photos you would have seen some shots of a conference between James Farmer (edublogs), Mike Seyfang (Learndog) and myself (Lifekludger) resulting in James graciously offering to host the enableblogs site – a concept whichContinue reading “Enableblogs – beginnings”